May 2024

The Peace of Christ: God’s Rest in Ruth’s Redemption (Ruth 4)

Even The Worthy Need Redeemed (Ruth 2 & 3)

Naomi’s Story, Our Story: From Famine to Blessing (Ruth 1)

Our God Is Not Silent (Judges 19)

April 2024

Christ Our True Inheritance (Judges 18)

Desperately Dependent (Judges 16)

Culture Makers (Judges 15)

March 2024

Resurrected Hope (Luke 24:1-35)

Laying Down Your Cloak (Luke 19:28-40)

Spirit or Flesh: The Story of Samson (Judges 14)

God’s Presence Among a Flawed People (Judges 13)

Heavily Influenced (Judges 11:29-12:15)

January 2024

Israel’s Poor Choice: Might Over Right (Judges 10:17-11:28)

The Dangerous Allure of Idolatry (Judges 10:6-16)

God’s Sovereign Hand Over Humanity’s Rebellion (Judges 9:22-57)

God’s Steadfast Love Amidst Humanity’s Unfaithfulness (Judges 9:1-21)

December 2023

Christ Will Come Again (Acts 1:6-11)

Christ Must Come (Genesis 3:6-24)

November 2023

The Quick Road to Ruin (Judges 8:22-28)

Fearlessly Dependent (Judges 7:1-18)