Current Seminar Dates //

September 10 – October 15



What are Sunday Seminars?

Believers need a good foundation to grow. Calvary offers Sunday Seminars to help our people internalize their faith and connect it practically to everyday life. These classes are part of a structured curriculum that we hope every member will complete. Our Weekend Seminars are for everyone. Each quarter focuses on at least three different categories of classes: Christian Story, Christian Formation, and Christian Belief.

What are the current classes offered?

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Ezra: Restoring What’s Broken
How do you fix a broken spiritual life?  What if the neighbors or even the government opposes your reform efforts?  What if you have to deal with sin in your life?  Come study Ezra with us and see how our promise-keeping God graciously deals with His children.
Unusual Stories of the Bible
The Bible is a God-inspired, wonderful book. However, there are odd and perplexing passages that many skip over and the critics use them as an attack on believers. We will examine a few passages that will help us appreciate Scripture even more. 
Explaining Christianity
Do you know what Christianity is all about? What is a Christian? What are the foundational and essential beliefs which the Christian faith is founded upon? In this class we’ll explore the basics of Christianity. If you are newer to the faith, or a long-time follower of Jesus but would like to go back and reexamine the hope to which you cling, this class is for you.
Calvary Kids and Calvary Students are available during the Sunday Seminar classes.