Summer Soccer Camp

June 21-25

This summer we’re doing our camps a little differently. If you’ve done our summer camps in the past we’ve held them on Wednesday nights throughout June and July and have included Soccer, Basketball and Cheerleading. We’re changing it up and are now going to host a week long camp each June. We will rotate what we offer each summer and we’re kicking it off with soccer camp!


Who is Soccer Camp for?

Our camp is open to all boys and girls ages 4-11. 

What is Soccer Camp like?

Camp is held from 6:30-8p. Campers will be split into groups by age and each group will have a Coach and Assistant Coaches that will stay with them the whole night and will take them from station to station as they learn drills and will go through a short Bible story as they eat their snack at the end of camp. Campers will experience 6 different soccer drills each night to help improve their skills no matter what level they are at.
*4 year olds will do a mixture of soccer focused stations and large motor skill stations

Where is Soccer Camp held?

Soccer Camp is held at our Calvary Acres located North of Calvary Baptist Church on School Street (1010 N School St, Normal).

How does check-in/pick-up work at camp?

Our registration at camp opens at 6p each night with camp starting at 6:30p. There will be clearly marked tents with check-in tables for you to check your child in. We will give your child a wrist band with a number and will give you (the parent/guardian) a pick up card with that same number. Once campers are checked in they will wait with their coach until camp begins.
At the and of camp, coaches will return with their group to the check-in area for pick-up. You (parent/guardian) will bring your pick-up card to any registration table and our volunteers will go get your child and bring them to you. Please wait for us to bring your child to you as we need to ensure all parents and children get matched up safely.

Will there be a snack time or water break?

Yes. We will have water filled coolers throughout camp available for campers as needed but you are welcome to bring your own water bottles if you wish. Towards the end of camp we have a short snack time usually consisting of snacks such as goldfish, granola bars, or fruit snacks.
If your child has a food allergy, please let us know when you register. We will make adjustments for any food allergy but if you feel more comfortable providing your own snack for your child that is okay as well.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Our camp directors keep an eye out for inclement weather prior to camp beginning that day and if camp needs to be cancelled because of weather or the ground being to wet to play on, we will send out an email (using the email you register with) and will post on our church facebook page.
If rain or a storm were to pop up while camp was going on, our coaches are instructed to walk their teams down to our bus garage at the back of the property. We will guide cars to the door for pick up.

Can I stay and watch camp?

Yes! Parents are welcome to bring a chair and stay to watch their kids enjoy camp or if you want to drop them off and use that time for yourselves that’s great too! If you choose to leave we just ask that you watch the weather (if there is a chance of rain) and have your phone with you incase of any emergency where we need to get a hold of you during camp.

What COVID-19 precautions will there be?

Since we will be outside, we will not require masks but if you are more comfortable with your child wearing a mask you are welcome to have them wear one. We will keep campers distanced during circle time, in drill lines, and during snack time. We will also have hand sanitizing stations throughout camp. We will require you each day to answer a few health questions for your child at check-in so we can do our best to keep everyone healthy. We ask that if your child has shown any possibly symptoms of COVID, or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive that you keep them home.