Sunday Evenings 6:30-7:30p



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ESL Program

In 2016, we began offering an English Learning Class on Sunday evenings.
Our program is committed to one-on-one tutoring, and we have a dedicated group of volunteer tutors who find great joy in offering loving service to internationals. We are blessed to partner with tutors from several churches in our community.
As much as possible, we keep the same students and tutors together, building a lasting bond of friendship. This has been an amazing opportunity as we have served students from Congo, Nigeria, Angola, China, Taiwan, Iran, India, and Guatemala.


All students must fill out the online registration form at the bottom of this page to register for class.
New students need an appointment for pre-testing.
When a tutor is available, you can begin classes.
You will receive a weekly email or text message and you must reply by the Friday before class. If you say that you are coming, but do not come, you may be dropped from the class.


There is no tuition charge for our classes, but students buy their own workbooks.


We use the Language Olympics program with workbooks designed for individual learning. Each lesson centers around a Bible story. There are three levels of books – Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. All students are pre-tested and placed in the level of curriculum that is best for them.
The Beginning and Intermediate books contain 30 Old Testament stories, while the Advanced books contain 30 New Testament stories.


Each tutor works one-on-one with an individual student. Any person who can read, write, and speak English may serve as a tutor to help another person – no advanced degree needed. As students go through their workbooks they and their tutors typically converse about everyday things.